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Ziggy, the zebra colt rescued by donkeys


Abandoned zebra colt Ziggy found a new home at the Club Street Kennels & Cattery, in Linksfield. After the death of his mother, the 18 months old cub was disowned by the herd in a reserve near Johannesburg and adopted by a family of donkeys.

Ziggy’s odd family

Ziggy and his domesticated siblings are now inseparable. The owners of the odd family, who rescued the zebra from certain death in the wilderness, had to seek assistance at the Club Street Kennels & Cattery. Dogs, cats, rescued farm animals and horses live in the kennel, where the animals are treated like kings. The vets of the kennel slowly introduced Ziggy – a baby with a temper! – in the horse enclosure, where he and his donkey family will become part of an unusual herd.

“Ziggy has become an attraction for the people of the neighbouring golf club”, joked one of the staff members of the kennel. “He is very playful but you can see that he’s a wild creature”.