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Jewish Italians celebrate Rosh Hashanah at the Order of David

Rosh Hashanah

“Shanah Tovah” to all our Jewish friends! Last weekend was Rosh Hashanah.

Rabbi Motti Hadar of the Hebrew Order of David International, in Houghton, blew the shofar in occasion of the Jewish New Year.

“Our Rosh Hashanah celebrations culminate in this ritual moment,” he explained. The New Year service usually consists of a long schedule of prayer, but this year the synagogue offered a shorter program on account of the lockdown restrictions. “With social distancing and health regulations in place, we managed to celebrate together avoiding the most social traditions,” furthered the rabbi.

The Hebrew Order of David International is spiritual home to about a hundred Italian-South Africans. Most of them reached Johannesburg as a result of the World War II persecutions, seeking asylum from the formerly Italian islands of Rhodes and Cos.

“While the over 60 could not attend the service, we managed to celebrate from home, praying and having a festive weekend with our families”, said Marcel Turiel, representative of the Jewish Italian community in Johannesburg.

Photographs were not taken during the Rosh Hashanah ceremonial service.