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Enough of this rubbish! Coastal Ghost aces Harties cleanup


Coastal Ghost is a NPC founded by Stefan Graunke – an Italian living in Fourways Johannesburg. It promotes beaches cleanup across South Africa.

Stefan lived in Lanzo and Alba for two years and on his return to South Africa he decided to take it upon himself to do something about all the rubbish that is destroying the South African environment.

From Piedmont to the South African shores

In 2019, he travelled with his mother Valeria and started the longest beach cleanup from Richards bay all the way to Cape Town – inspiring the local communities to take action and clean their beaches.

This year Coastal Ghost has a lot planned. The first event was on the 29th of February, working with a resident at Hartbeespoort dam. They organized one of the biggest community cleanups – every estate and club around the dam took part – the result was getting more then 80 tons of rubbish and debris out of the dam. It was a huge effort and a successful one.

Follow Coastal Ghost’s cleanup program

To follow and support this initiative you can follow Stefan on Facebook at Coastal Ghost. Inspiring people to make a change.

Source: Coastal Ghost