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RMB WINEX in Sandton features Valdo Prosecco


RMB WineX is South Africa’s leading wine festival – the must attend event of the year for afficionados of all things wine. Launched in October 2000, attended by 10,000 Johannesburg wine lovers every year, RMB WineX was held at the Sandton Convention Centre where one could rub shoulders with award-winning winemakers, peruse amongst big brand names as well as boutique wineries, and nibble on delicious deli foods, while tasting from a wine list of more than 800 wines – a place where Bacchus himself (Roman god of wine) would feel right at home.

Michael Fridjhon, RMB WneX show director, comments: “It’s been an extraordinary two decades, with the current wine industry almost unrecognisably different from the one which filled the Sandton Convention Centre shortly after it opened its doors for the first time. In that long-forgotten era, there was half the number of wineries we have today, but more than a thousand more grape growers. Our vineyard area was 10 percent bigger, but paradoxically total production was 30 percent less. Wine exports were a fraction of what they are today, and buyers wanted the comfort of long-established brand names, rather than the adventurous offerings of newcomers, craft producers and artisan winemakers.”

Vini Italia’s stand at WineX

La Voce readers will be gratified to know that Italy is well represented at WineX, courtesy of Vini Italia (vinitalia.co.za), who are one of the prestigious exhibitors this year. Valdo is the leading brand in the art of making Prosecco and Italian Spumante; its excellent products were showcased at the festival.

Prosecco production dates back to 1926. The Valdo winery is located in Valdobbiadene in Northern Italy. Prosecco is not an “Italian Champagne”. It is a uniquely different product compared to a Champagne or MCC. Where the similarity exists, apart from the bubbles, is that Champagne must be produced in Champagne, France – and by the same token, Prosecco must be produced in a DOC approved region in Italy (Denominazione di Origine Controllata – Designation of Controlled Origin). It should and also include a minimum of 85% of the Glera varietal.

The biggest difference between Prosecco and Champagne or MCC is in the production: with Champagne, the second fermentation occurs inside the bottle, whereas with Prosecco, the second fermentation occurs in a large tanks  – this method is called the Charmat Method  – and results in a more lively, fresh and fruity palate, perfect for festive occasions.

All the varieties of Prosecco:

There are different varieties to choose from, according to taste:

Valdo Prosecco DOC Extra Dry – an exceptional aperitif which is excellent with starters. It’s a light, straw-coloured, fruity Prosecco – beautiful with seafood.

Valdo Prosecco DOCG Brut – elegant, aromatic with golden apple, acacia and honey.

Valdo ICE Demi-Sec – a favourite for cocktail lovers, as it can be served with fresh fruit and ice cubes for a creative twist. It’s pleasant, with a sweetish finish.

Valdo Floral Edition Rosé Brut – bursting with aromas of strawberry, cherry, ripe melon, yet still delicate, this crisp and delicious rosé will enhance any occasion. The packaging is sublime – ideal for a festive season gift.

If variety spices up your life, then don’t miss RMB WineX this year. Take some time to stop over at the Valdo stand – it’s turning out to be a long, hot summer and a crisp, refreshing Prosecco is ideal – somehow, a glass of bubbly turns everything into a celebration.

For more info: www.winex.co.za