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On the Ball – BeanBagTheBrand brings the Speedo back to SA


So, until now, the “Speedo” has had a bad rap in South Africa, unless you swim competitively or you’re a ripped triathlon athlete. The tiny triangle made of spandex has not been too popular on the whole and the ubiquitous boardshorts have been the swimwear of choice for guys of all shapes and sizes. But not so long ago, two young South Africans had the brilliant idea of bringing back the “speedo” – and BeanBagTheBrand was born.

How did you conceptualise the brand?

BeanBagTheBrand: “We wanted to create a South African brand that was quirky, interactive, and relevant, supplying the market with trend-setting products that were good quality and extremely well priced. Initially, the intention was to design a funky printed “speedo” brand, but now we have branched out into a variety of products for babes and bros”.

What did you do in order to market and get the word out?

BeanBagTheBrand: “Like all young business owners, we relied heavily on social media. We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously and we decided to keep things a bit “tongue in cheek” – like using the slogan: “Got Balls? A little less serious & a lot more fun…” We went viral on Instagram. As an incentive, we also came up with our FREE BEER monthly giveaway – all you have to do is take a photo in one of our awesome swim briefs, post it on Instagram and tag @BeanBagTheBrand. The best photo of the month wins a case of the liquid gold, delivered to their door. It’s a win-win situation, as we get to grow our social media presence and our customers love taking these cool photos”.

When did you decide to expand?

BeanBagTheBrand:We were determined that BeanBagTheBrand should be more of a lifestyle that people wanted to be a part of. We are a “FAMILY” – not just a clothing line – and that is what makes us really different! We included active shorts and longs for babes and we’ve recently launched our swim shorts, to take you from the beach to the pub. Our goal is to encourage all South Africans to explore our beautiful country and have FUN doing it…on our website we encourage our customers to be adventurous, humorous and ready to have a good time no matter the occasion!”

You’ve also added social responsibility to your portfolio – tell us about it

BeanBagTheBrand:We always wanted to involve a charity if we were successful and we chose Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth as our first charity beneficiary. We give all our customers the chance to donate R50 when they purchase any product on our website. If they decide to opt for the R 50 donation we match it with another R50 from our pocket. We also give our customers the opportunity to share their unboxing experience on Instagram/Facebook and if they do so, we give an additional R 10 to Animal Welfare Port Elizabeth”.

In Brief ,BeanBagTheBrand is so much more than a “speedo” brand. They are a great example of what our young entrepreneurs can achieve in this country. They are a positive thinking, adventurous lifestyle brand that you will want to be part of – so go on, check them out and get your BeanBag on!

Instagram @BeanBagTheBrand Facebook BeanBagTheBrand Website www.beanbagthebrand.com