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Dry Skin Dilemmas? Sorted with Epi-Max!

Bianca Le Grange, EpiMax ambassador

I have heard so many people lately complaining about their dry skin. But actually, there is relief to be found at your nearest Dis-Chem, Clicks, Spar or Pick n Pay in the form of Epi-Max. Dry skin happens especially after the winter months and more so in Johannesburg, as there is no humidity whatsoever and we are waiting for the rains to come. Apart from biological factors such as hormone imbalances and chronological age, the dry air can make us miserable. In extreme cases, the skin reacts unfavourably, resulting in conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Finding remedies for dry skin conditions such as these can be a pain.

The Epi-Max range

Developed by South African pharmacists and dermatologists, Epi-Max® has a wide range of products which are cost effective as well as being really useful in alleviating the skin concerns I mentioned. It always makes sense to use a product that has been developed to address issues that arise in our own climate.

The Epi-Max® range is colour coded so you can make a beeline for the product that will suit your needs; but all of the formulas are hypo-allergenic, SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulphate, a harsh detergent) and contain no artificial colourants or perfumes. Epi-Max® is not tested on animals and is a leave-on emollient which means that you don’t have to rinse the product off. If you have eczema or psoriasis then you can apply Epi-Max as many times as you want to. Once it clears up, keep up with daily applications to help prevent the dryness and inflammation from flaring up.

Epi-Max is not aqueous based. It is an emollient with a lipid component, so it increases the skin’s moisture content by creating a barrier which prevents moisture from leaving the skin- basically it alleviates dehydration.

A product for every skin

The Epi-Max® Original range includes the Moisturising Cream, Hand cream, Bathe Moisturising bath and shower oil and Lightweight lotion – all in the familiar yellow packaging. Epi-Max® Plus is produced for extremely dry and thick skin areas. It should not be used on young, sensitive or eczematic skin types as it contains urea – (a humectant) but rather on rough feet, elbows and knees. It comes in the blue packaging.

Epi-Max® Man, packaged in an attractive silver-grey, protects the skin barrier and has multiple uses. It’s not only is it a moisturizer, it can double up as a shaving cream and after shave balm. Choose either the Epi-Max® Man Cream tub 400g, Lotion pump bottle 450ml and Cream tube 100g.

Epi-Max Baby & Junior is a gentle all-purpose moisturiser and emollient cream for babies (from birth) and children in a lavender packaging consisting of Moisturising Cream, Bathe moisturising bath drops and Moisturising Lotion. The emollient moisturiser is gentle enough for use as a water-soluble soap substitute. In fact, all Epi-Max® products are water soluble and suitable as soap substitutes. You can remove dirt and moisturise your body at the same time when you have a bath or shower. Recently launched is a highly effective Bum Barrier cream with zinc oxide, glycerin, shea butter, panthenol, allantoin bisabolol and rosemary leaf extract to protect, condition and restore sensitive baby skin.

The latest skincare solutions

Also new on the shelves are 2 products. The Epi-Max Ultra range, with the red alert packaging, is a therapeutic ointment for very damaged and dry skin. It contains beeswax it is also safe for babies and excellent to treat nappy rash. It is also a brilliant lip balm.

Epi-Max® Oatmeal is a light, ultra-caring lotion that restores the compromised skin barrier, soothes and protects dry, sensitive skin and absorbs quickly leaving you with non-greasy, velvety skin. It comes in a 200g tube (RRP: R105) and contains colloidal oatmeal oat oil, shea butter, panthenol, allantoin, glycerin and Vitamin E – all excellent anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Epi-Max® Oatmeal Lotion is fragrance, colourant and paraffin free and can be used as frequently as needed by the whole family.