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Via La Moda Is A Leather Crafting Legacy Of Luxury

Via La Moda

Walking through the Via La Moda showroom makes me feel like a kid in a candy store… there is a vast array of leather handbags and accessories in every shape and colour, each unique in every way, making choice an immensely difficult task.

Via La Moda’s artisan heritage

Via La Moda is an exceptional brand with leather crafting heritage, founded in 1989 by Austrian Master Leather Craftsman Hanspeter Winklmayr and Master of Cabinetry and Design, Walter Hauser. The brand combines their skill and traditional European craftsmanship together with modern technology to produce fine, luxury leather bags and accessories for the discerning customer.

In the factory adjacent to the showroom, highly skilled artisans all trained by third generation master craftsman and founder Hanspeter Winklmayr, are hard at work with meticulous precision, as each piece is designed and engineered and therefore made to the highest standards using quality raw materials. The natural light in the airy factory is an advantage as the work is accurate and incredibly detailed.

Ostrich leather and snakeskin

The leather used is sustainably sourced from various tanneries and ostrich leather seems to be predominant. It is soft, pliable and like most leather improves with age and wear. It is recognizable by the raised pattern left by feather quills, which gives the bag or accessory an organic look and feel. Every imaginable colour is on show and the range of styles is remarkable.

Snakeskin is also very much on trend now and you’ll find a wide variety of the unusual python pattern at Via La Moda, as well as a limited supply of Nile crocodile skin for the more exotic minded customer, bearing in mind that the brand is fully supportive and complies with the initiatives of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Via La Moda’s attention to detail

As these are investment pieces, you can be sure that the handles and the hardware are also of the highest quality; the handles are neither bulky nor flimsy and the immense variety of styles caters for choice of width and length.

Only Riri zips from Italy are used, as they are durable, hardwearing and dependable whilst retaining a cutting-edge design philosophy, which is in tune with the Via La Moda brand.

Handle with care

Buying a timeless, classic bag is an investment. At Via La Moda, customers are advised on the care of their handbag or accessory. Actually, leather requires very little cleaning, apart from wiping it with a soft cloth, with no detergent whatsoever. Keep it away from direct heat and dust. Should an oil stain occur, you can sprinkle it immediately with talcum powder to absorb the oil and once it’s dry, brush off the excess. Leather is natural, so it changes as it ages- much like a good wine! In my opinion, this just makes it more attractive.

Via La Moda provides the customer with a soft cloth bag in which to store the beautiful piece – although you’ll be wearing it all the time, so that probably won’t be necessary…

Find Via La Moda in Johannesburg on 19 Banfield Rd, Industria North, Roodepoort. You can also shop online at vialamoda.com but rather do yourself a favour and make it a destination shopping experience.