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Inspiring Italians Mixer a networking opportunity for the youth

Inspiring Italians
14 settembre 2019: Inspiring Italians Mixer

Business, politics and society came together in the first edition of the Inspiring Italians Mixer on Saturday 14th September. The event was a successful experiment by the association Giovani Italo-Sudafricani and was powered by the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries at the Italian Club in Johannesburg.

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Five guests of honour shared their life experiences and the secrets of their success with the Italian-South African youth. They were introduced by Lorenzo Grispan, the president of GIS and a worthy master of ceremony.

Natasha Mazzone on gender equality

MP and Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises Natasha Mazzone spoke in favour of female empowerment and gender equality during the Inspiring Italians Mixer. The Democratic Alliance MP highlighted social policies and customs to change in favour of human rights and equality.

A firm objector of the ANC-led Government, Mazzone is also known for her scrutiny on the Eskom and State Capture scandals.

Here is Natasha Mazzone’s video interview by GIS:

Life lessons by Arnold Chatz

A successful retailer of Italian cars, Arnold Chatz spoke of a life dedicated to the promotion of products Made in Italy. Through anecdotes from his experience as an automotive seller and a business owner, Chatz expressed his utmost passion for Italian quality and class on wheels.

Engineering espresso with Paolo Mastrogiuseppe

No Italian-South African business is more eclectic than Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s Espresso Veloce and Super Veloce Mechanical Art Devices. Mastrogiuseppe’s dream to mix his passion for coffee and his love for fast cars became reality when the entrepreneur launched a classy and tasteful new product in the market.

Espresso Veloce is a super engine turned into coffee machine, which produces delicious espresso coffee. “You may say I sell nothing”, he joked, “but Espresso Veloce’s offering is a lifestyle product, which produces quality in an exquisite package”.

Here is Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s video interview by GIS:

Gianluca Abela: success has no age

At the age of 27, Gianluca Abela is an established business owner. He is the man behind the brands Nutrifit Cafe and Abela Wines 1271. A promoter of healthy eating and Italian lifestyle, Abela spoke to age peers and friends to motivate entrepreneurship and the creation of quality brands.

Here is Gianluca Abela’s video interview by GIS:

Dario Dosio commends the new Giovani

Another guest speaker of the Inspiring Italians Mixer was Magistrate Dario Dosio. Dosio founded the association Giovani Italo-Sudafricani in 2001, with the support of Maurizio Mariano and Riccardo Pinna.

In his speech Dosio, commended the progress that the association has made and thanked its presidents who succeeded since inception: Daniela D’Onofrio (2006), Josie Gaglio (2006-2010), Adriano Giovanelli (2010-2011), Gabriela Di Clemente (2011-2014), Flavia Varanini (2014-2016), Alessio Lencioni (2016-2019) and the current president Lorenzo Grispan (2019).

“As regards the vision of the association”, he commented, “each president determines their own path. However, I would hope that with the advancement of technology and with the assistance of the CGIE, Com.It.Es., Dante Alighieri, the Italian Chamber of Trade and Industry, and the Italian representatives here tonight from all the associations, together with the Consul General, the Giovani may continue to be a beacon of opportunities for other South African Italians, to develop more contacts and to become entrepreneurs in this country so that we can continually have an ever presence of Italian South Africans in SA and that our culture and heritage be continuously be exposed to South Africans, through sport, fashion, art, food and engineering innovations”.

Here is Dario Dosio’s video interview by GIS: