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Vita Liberata, the Ferrari of fake tan products

Vita Liberata

My favourite beauty product is no secret – sunscreen definitely tops my list. But with the advent of spring, a close second is self-tan, as a sun kissed glow on arms and legs is achievable without the damaging rays of the sun. With a product like Vita Liberata’s Body Blur, it can be done safely, with instant gratification. Gone are the streaky, orange, toxic smelling self-tanners of last century – there are some lovely products on the market and I will be doing some testing and reporting back on how to accomplish and maintain a healthy fake tan.

A natural and organic fake tan

Recently, I have been using a product from a brand which could be called the Ferrari of fake tans, namely, Vita Liberata. I love the story of this brand, which started with Founder and CEO Alyson Hogg from Ireland, who determined to change the awful reputation of fake tan and succeeded with the creation of Vita Liberata which contains Moisture Locking and Odour Remove™ technologies. The best thing about the products is that the ingredients are natural and organic – as well as free from that betraying DHA smell.

Vita Liberata’s product for the face, “Beauty Blur” is a follow up to the iconic best seller, “Body Blur” which is sold worldwide and is a favorite of celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Taylor Schilling, Bella and Gigi, and the Victoria’s Secret models. The collection includes bronzers, tints, exfoliants and broad SPF creams.

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer – like a tinted moisturizer – comes in a travel friendly tube with pump dispenser. It’s described as a skin optimizer, which cares for your skin by moisturizing and correcting colour and tone. It gives the skin a perfected, photo-ready finish. The texture is not too thick; it spreads evenly and immediately gives the skin radiance. There is not much coverage with this product – but personally, I found it to be sufficient. You can build it up, or if you prefer more coverage, Beauty Blur can be used as a primer underneath your foundation. The result is luminous, bronzy skin, like you’ve been away somewhere sunny.

Beauty Blur: a multi-tasker for skincare

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur is also enriched with caring natural botanical extracts to hydrate skin, leaving it soft and conditioned. Aloe Vera is a source of Vitamin C & E, giving it anti-ageing properties. It helps to improve the skin’s firmness and hydrates, moisturises and conditions. Shea Butter acts as a skin conditioning agent and it helps retain moisture and lessen the loss of water by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface to repair, hydrate and soothe skin. It’s a multi-tasker and feels like skincare to me – not like makeup on the skin.

Beauty Blur is free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates, fragrance and it’s cruelty-free. There are no harsh chemicals, petrochemicals and animal derivatives. It’s available in four shades: ‘Café Crème’ for fair skin tones, ‘Latte Dark’ for medium/deep skin tones, ‘Latte’ for medium/tan skin tones – this is the one I am using, or ‘Latte Light’ for fair to medium skin tones.

This is a high-end product, so quite pricey, but the soft focus look it imparts to your skin makes it worth every cent, warming and perfecting your skin tone instantly, giving you the freedom to avoid lying in the sun and damaging your skin.