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Glowing with Filorga – the Oxygen-Glow Skincare range

Filorga Oxygen Glow

The trend for glowing, dewy skin is definitely on the rise – the demand for perfect skin has never been greater. With this trend in mind, Filorga has created its new Oxygen-Glow super-perfecting radiance range for perfect, no-filter skin.

Filorga, French expert brand in aesthetic medicine, was founded in 1978 and originally designed, developed and produced injectable products that were used by leading medical specialists all over the world. In 2007, the brand made its expertise in aesthetic medicine available to the general public upon the creation of MEDI-COSMETIQUE®, a range of revolutionary anti-ageing products formulated with NCEF, a unique compound encapsulating the active ingredients used in injections.

Fifty products in the Filorga family

Over time, more than fifty cosmetic products have become available, combining optimal and clinically proven effectiveness. With this background, it is no surprise that most products are quite pricey, but the new Oxygen-Glow range is reasonably priced and all about radiance and achieving super flawless skin.

The pale pink packaging is simply adorable and the products within certainly don’t disappoint.

Filorga skincare range

The new skincare range consists of 4 skincare products: Oxygen-Glow Super-perfecting Radiance Cream, Oxygen-Glow Eyes and two boosters Oxygen-Glow Clean (Cleanser) and Oxygen-Glow Mask.

The formula in each product contains a unique double-perfection core formula:

  • Super skin-boosting factors -Nasturtium extract acts as an oxygenation booster, helping to energise the skin and provide radiance, a hyaluronic acid duo plumps and smoothes and L-Enzyme which detoxifies.
  • Unique photoperfector-HD illuminating technology utilises soft-focus agents and skin-brightening pearlescent particles to create an immediate enhancing action, thereby revealing natural, glowing skin.

Super-Perfecting Radiance cream

My favourite product is the Super-Perfecting Radiance cream – a gel cream texture that makes my skin look really hydrated without being oily- it’s perfect as a make-up base or even mixed in with a little bit of foundation. Perfect for all skin types, it smoothes, plumps, unifies and detoxifies the skin.

The mask is very creamy and contains a trio of peel-effect active ingredients including gluconolactone, grapefruit extract and papain, all contributing to a glowing complexion in just ten minutes. For best results it should be used once to three times a week, but it can be used daily for a seven-day intensive treatment. It is non comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.

Oxygen-Glow Radiance Clean

The cleanser – Oxygen-Glow Clean, intensely detoxifies the skin. Don’t be put out by the fact that it does not produce huge amounts of foam – this is not necessary. It contains Niacinamide which has an anti-pollution action and helps to eliminate all the skin’s impurities. It can be applied and massaged into dry or wet skin on both the face and eyes and is suitable for all skin types. It’s lovely as a morning cleanser.

Oxygen-Glow Eyes

Oxygen-Glow Eyes is a super-smoothing radiance eye-care cream which revives and moisturises the eye contour and contains an additional tripeptide for an anti-dark circle action. It has a highlighting cream-gel texture and because of this I like applying it under the brow bone as a highlighter. It is tested under ophthalmological control and suitable for sensitive eyes.

Commenting on the new range, Filorga International Medical Advisor, Dr Riekie Smit says, “This unique new range is highly effective for those who are battling with a dull, uneven complexion that lacks radiance and that are looking for a boost. It is ideal for those between 25-35 years of age and is also priced slightly more affordably than the intensive anti-ageing Filorga ranges.”

The Oxygen-Glow range of products is available at selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores.

Oxygen-Glow range Prices:

  • Cream – R 725.00
  • Eyes- R 555.00
  • Clean – R 360.00
  • Mask – R 610.00

For a full list of stockists visit www.filorgasouthafrica.co or contact (012) 548-0725.