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29/08 EQ Women’s Day Workshop @ICJ

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Join the Italian-South African Chamber of Trade & Industries in the EQ Women’s Day Workshop. The workshop will be at the Italian Club Johannesburg on Thursday 29th August. It is organised in partnership with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, as well as the International Institute of Business & Management. Facilitated by Kim Mia (MBA, Milpark Business School) and Manuela Sanchez-Aragu (MBA, Unisa, Snr Lecturer).

Just as leaders use their personal attributes to achieve the most powerful influence in their pursuits, YOU must be able to use the same skills and competence to have optimum influence in how your money or the budgets you are responsible for is being managed.

Emotional intelligence is a key skill you need to acquire in order to remain successful in all areas of your life, including managing your money. No occasion is better than Women’s Day to discuss women’s empowerment in business.